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A leader with a heart for people, teams and purpose
Aletta is passionate about everything she does. She believes that our success is closely connected with the relationships we build with one another. Her vast experience leading culturally diverse teams has given her unique insights. Her experiences as a leader in one of the most successful regions globally sets her up as a leader who can build and guide our future.


The first time I met Aletta was when she was a candidate for International Director. I knew then that she would be a wonderful addition to our board.  While our board terms on the board never crossed, as a Past International Director I was invited to work on an active Board of Directors committee on which Aletta also served.  

My first thoughts about her were that she was a sharp, thoughtful, and strategic leader. She is quick to listen and dedicated to understanding. With a keen perception of issues, she repeatedly drove the group to uncover root causes and ensure that we treated core issues and not just symptoms. She is compassionate and forthright, giving a balanced perspective to all involved in a decision. Above all, she is determined to take prudent measures that will advance the work of Toastmasters International.


My time on the committee with Aletta was short and I wished I could have served with her for longer. However, more time wasn't necessary for me to know that I was thoroughly impressed with her abilities on our Board of Directors and that I wanted her to run for 2nd Vice President. She will do a great job as First Vice President.

Tracy Thomason, DTM, PID

Past International Director, 2017-2019



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